Video Essay

The video essay Breathing Gaia is a Dialogue between a traumatized Body, Persephone and Gaia. They are searching for their individual voice and language. This relation transforms the body into a co-existence with other organisms. The breath and somatic practice are used as a vehicle to connect the physiology of Gaia and the performer's body. They try to regulate themselves and in resonance with their Bodies. The inscriptions of trauma in the body are trying to transform through the shaking cells. In the breath as a connection of solidarity between Gaia and the performer's body, patriarchal structures and pain want to transform. This network of relationship is asking for a caring and sensitive future were we act in the knowing of our connectedness through our breath. What new meaning can this common breath evolve? How can we speak through our vulvas again? How can we reclaim this sacred place as queen, kin and country.

Video Essay, Deutschland/Schweiz 2023, 7:28 min.
Anja Plonka: Konzept, Performance, 2. Kamera, Schnitt
Marko Stefanovic: Kamera, Beratung Pflanzen und Vegetation
Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling: Sound Design


Journal of Embodied Research: Issue 5.2, Ecologies of Embodiment: Video Essays I